Colonoscopy & Bowel Preparation


A colonoscopy is a thin camera (flexible plastic tube) that is used to examine the inside lining of your large bowel and the end of your small bowel. It is used to diagnose several conditions including cancers, diverticular disease, polyps and colitis.

During the procedure, the anaesthetist will give you medicine through the vein to allow you to get into a sleepy state. You may experience mild pressure or bloating during the procedure but will not remember it. It rarely causes much pain.

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Bowel Preparation

The purpose of the bowel preparation is to thoroughly cleanse your bowel so that there is no food residue or faecal matter that may obstruct the views during the colonoscopy. The cleaner the bowel, the more accurate the assessment.

Stop eating whole grains (for example muesli and whole grain bread), pips, seeds, red meat, cereals, or liquids with a red colour.

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