The gastroscope is a thin, long, flexible tube with a tiny video camera and light on the end. By adjusting various controls on the instrument, the Endoscopist can safely guide the instrument carefully and study the inside lining of the upper digestive system. The high-quality picture from the endoscopy is shown on a TV monitor giving a concise, clear and detailed view. In many cases, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy is a more precise examination then x-ray studies.

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Colonoscopy and Bowel Preparation

A colonoscopy is a thin camera (flexible plastic tube) that is used to examine the inside lining of your large bowel and the end of your small bowel. It is used to diagnose several conditions including cancers, diverticular disease, polyps and colitis.

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Bowel Cancer Screening

Colon cancer forms in the lining of the colon.  Rectal cancer forms in the lining of the rectum, the last several cm of the large intestine terminating in the anus. Either of these cancers is could colorectal cancer (bowel cancer).

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Intestinal Ultrasound

Melbourne Digestive Centre offers this unique service to its patients. Dr Asthana is one of few specialists in Australia who perform this examination.

As with any ultrasound, this technology uses soundwaves to create images. The soundwaves are released from a probe which bounce off different organs at various frequencies and ultimately an image is created using these on a screen.

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Pillcam/Capsule Endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy (Pill Cam) allows examination of the lining of the middle part of your gastrointestinal tract – which includes three portions of the small intestine (duodenum, jejunum, ileum).  Utilising a pill sized video camera which has its own light source, is swallowed with pictures being sent of the small intestine to a small recording device that you must wear on your body.

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Nutritional Services

We have an in-house dietitian who provide a consultative service for a range of conditions including:

    Food intolerances Irritable Bowel Syndrome Crohn’s Disease

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Hydrogen Breathing Test

We provide an in-house service of checking for lactose and fructose intolerance. This is done using a hydrogen breath test.

This test is based on breath hydrogen analysis providing information about how your body digests certain sugars – namely fructose (e.g. fruit sugar) and lactose (e.g. milk). The amount and pattern of hydrogen produced in your exhaled breath can help determine the nature of your intolerance.

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Dedicated Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

Dr Anil Asthana runs a dedicated IBD service with integration of intestinal ultrasound, research clinical trials and a dedicated IBD nurse.

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